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I’ve had back pain problems for five years now and I could hardly get any relief from what my family practice doctor was able to treat me with. I finally booked an appointment with Dr. Fausett and she was amazing. She asked 1000 questions took her time evaluating me and was able to prescribe me pain cream which took away my back pain. I am now pain-free and off oral pain medications. I would definitely recommend this doctor! Amazing!

– Raymond C.

Doctor Hilary Fausett is far and away the best physician who has ever treated me. She is thorough, compassionate, sensitive, and extremely knowledgeable in all areas of pain management. The one thing that separates Dr. Fausett from the rest of the physicians I’ve seen is that she CARES so much for her patients. We have a long, long history together since I have so many different pain issues. Doctor Fausett has performed several cervical spine injections and lumbar spine injections on me, all without any complications. She is truly a lifesaver, and helps me live a meaningful life thanks to her ability to control my pain. I can’t thank her enough for her care and compassion, as well as her skill and expertise in performing the procedures she does to keep me pain free.

– Barb O.

I came to Dr Fausett with chronic lower back pain without a clear diagnosis. It’s not debilitating but it’s always there and hurts. Blecch! On my first visit she spent an incredible amount of time with me, talked me through all the possible issues it might be and treatment options. She’s extremely knowledgeable while being able to talk to you in clear understandable language. She’s focused on making you feel better. She’s also got a good sense of humor. I didn’t really get a definitive diagnosis (I’m just old and broke down), but I did get medication and advise to manage things. I really appreciate Dr. Fausett’s frankness and pragmatism. Highly recommend her.

– Bill S.

I have been very impressed with the care I have received from Dr Fausett and her staff. I really feel as if they are part of my team. I have been dealing with chronic pain for 2 years. This is the first doctor that has taken the time to listen and works with me to problem solve.

– Cindy W.

I credit Dr. Fausett with saving my life. I had a terrible case of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome that had gone undiagnosed by many doctors. She recognized it within minutes of meeting me and helped get me back to a functional state of being. We used medication and a sympathetic nerve block. She is caring, takes her time with her patients, is highly informed and skilled at explaining the complexities of the nervous system. I’m so grateful for her.

– Jesse E.

Dr. Fausett Is a very caring and compassionate doctor who goes the extra mile to make sure that you receive the very best of care! she is thoughtful and listens, even will work with you on your suggestions of best meds. But will gladly lead you in the right direction instead .Which I am sure is much better for me and my outcome She looks at all of my other doctors reports and gives me her opinions about what they have to say and recommend. Nothing from any doctor gets reacted to until Dr. Fausett has seen all pertinent files and tests and I receive her opinion. I trust Dr. Fausett with my life !!!!! And her office staff are great ! And treat me with respect and always smiles like I could be very close friends or family. Absolutely the Best Pain Management Doctor out there hands down !!!!!!

– James W.

I saw Dr. Fausett today for low lumbar pain I have had for many years and “tingling and numbing” of my right leg. I had brought a copy of my MRI and Nerve Test for her to see and discuss and interpret for me. She explained everything to me with options for pain relief. She was professional and made me feel very comfortable. Her staff was also very kind and courteous.

I will be having the epidural injection next week and Dr. Fausett explained exactly what to expect and what the outcome should be. I feel very relieved that I finally found a doctor that listens, observes and understands patients like me. She is providing services to me that can
help me through the process of getting better, along with my commitment to doing my part as well…

Thank you Dr. Fausett you made my day and the rest of my life.

– Linda G.

I recently saw Dr. Fausett for low back pain and leg muscle weakness. I was referred to her by my sister who was also treated by Dr Fausett. Her office has convenient but not free parking. The office itself is very nice and clean.

I found her staff both courteous and professional, a rarity it seems from my experience with other doctors. Getting an appointment was also fairly quick. On my visit she spent a great deal of time with me, answered all my questions and never rushed me. Her examination was very thorough and she caught a cervical issue 2 others doctors had missed that was later confirmed with an MRI. She has a good sense of humor and made me feel very comfortable. Both pluses in my eyes.

I had an epidural injection for my pain on my next visit and again the care I received was great by both she and her assistant. 2 days later her office contacted me to see how i was doing. I’ve had other doctors say they would follow-up but most never did. i have a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks and I’m confident she’s the right doctor for me.

I would and actually already have referred someone to her.

– John B.

Dr. Fausett really knew what she was doing and took a great deal of care and time to get to the root of my unexplained chronic pain.

– Kaitlin P.

Dr. Fausett is one of few Doctors that seems to truly care about her patients. She listens, she is responsive and she is available mentally and practically.
I was referred to her by a very fine neurosurgeon to work with me to avoid further spinal surgery if possible. As Dr. Fausett was referred to me I now have the pleasure of referring to others.

– Hugh L.

I have had spine problems most of my adult life, seriously so the past 20 years. I was initially referred to Dr. Fausett by my Orthopedic surgeon after one of my surgeries years ago. From day 1, my call for an appointment was handled with the utmost of courtesy & efficiency. I never have to wait more than 2 or 3 days to be seen unless I am in dire straights & then have even been accommodated within 24 hours.
As for Dr. Fausett herself. I find her to be extremely compassionate, very thorough and willing to go beyond mere duty to provide relief to her patients.
Something you don’t often see in a lot of physicians today is her ability & willingness to look at the whole patient. When I saw her a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned a concern I had that really didn’t fall into her area practice. She was concerned, asked some questions & did an exam. She tried to contact my primary care physician & when she unable to reach her, she sent me for 2 tests. In less than an hour, she phoned me with unexpected results & set up an appointment with a specialist for me.
Dr. Fausett didn’t have to go to any extra trouble but that’s just the sort of caring individual she is.
I cannot recommend Dr. Fausett highly enough. If you suffer with chronic pain, this is the doctor for you.

– Lynn M.

I have had chronic degenerative neck disease for at least a decade, and awoke to numbness in my right arm one day. I was recommended to Dr. Fausett, who adjusted her schedule to see me that day to treat me for the acute discomfort and, more importantly, help with the chronic problem which several spine surgeons had dismissed in the past. At the current time, I am recovering from a much needed cervical decompression that had caused daily migraines and was resulting in slow degeneration of my nerves. I have Dr. Fausett to thank for pointing me in the right direction which hadn’t been done by any other doctor in the past. I strongly recommend this doctor for both pain management but also for addressing the bigger picture, which many doctors fail to see.

– Andrea R.

I have been coming to see Dr. Fausett and has been helping me with my back pain I haven’t felt this much relief. The staff is wonderful, friendly, and will make you feel at home. I would recomend Dr. Fausett to my family and friends.

– George F.

Dr. Fausett is amazing and thorough. She has an incredible knowledge of her speciality. She ensures that all of my pain symptoms are addressed, and she educates me on all the ramifications of my injuries and the long-term side effects of my medications. When I present her with new symptoms, she makes sure I get to the specialist that I need. She is not urgent care – if you need urgent care, call an urgent care facility. If you need a highly intelligent, caring physician who will take care of your pain with the medications and advice you need (and not necessarily the medications your friends told you to get) — call Dr. Fausett.

– S.J.

Dr. Fausett is a caring, extremely professional and brilliant doctor who has given me significant relief from severe lower back pain and treated it effectively with epidurals. She spends time with patients and studied my actual films, rather than just taking the radiologist’s report at face value, identifying the source of the worst pain. 3 years ago, she recognized that I needed cervical spine surgery months before my spine surgeon did. His further studies showed a large bone spur pressing on my spinal cord and the surgery was a near-emergency.

– Donna M.

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